Saturday, July 29, 2006

BlogHer Day 2 - Business Blog Case Studies: Room of Your Own

How to do a blog for business...

Case Study 1 by Toby Bloomberg
Diva Marketing Blog (
Tim Jackson started Macy Bike's Blog. High end Italian bikes. No budget. The brand wasn't selling. He was hired as PR. Keeping the pace of the blog is a big challenge. Time consuming. Full story at

Case Study 2 by
Business blogging boot camps; 6-10 people; introduce them to the topics in the morning and build blog in the afternoon; provide them technical support in the afternoon.

"Our father's who art in heaven" book about father's that have passed on. Author needed blog to sell copies of the book.

Author was skeptical. Did not think it was going to work. It has worked so he hired a student from the local community college to maintain the site. He was happy that it came up with high results in Google.

Case Study 3 - "Know your bones" by Yvonne DiVita

How to make the blog work for your book? Question asked of client. How much time really are you going to have to produce content? She didn't post frequently. (

When doing a blog you have to understand that you often have to have a conversation so you need to be able to make a committment to do that.

Case Study 4 by Heathers Sanders

Moved from html site to blog because search engines weren't finding their site. They moved to blog and kept comments available. Comments were not used so they removed them.

Case Study 5 (online organic material diaper service)
Create a context for the product being sold. "Calm university approach" - voice. Bring community and philosophy to parenting. Created blog "business" plan and content creation schedule (from daily to bi-weekly). "If I had to write everyday I wouldn't be a good writer." Users have option of using comments, but prefer to email instead.

Case Study 6 (Barkley Advertising)
Lee Dungarees asked them to do online marketing campaign.
Did blog to coincide with commercial campaign involving giant woman stepping on building. Success? Unclear.

Case Study 7
People don't like fake identities. People want sited resources. From linguist perspective, how do we build, maintain and manipulate identity?

***Hansen Consulting - manufacturing clients. Clients request blogs but they don't know why or how to do one.

***Don't start a blog if something is going wrong. Develop positive relationship with users then when something goes wrong. When it goes wrong tell them as fast and honestly as possible.

***Over communicate.

***Character blogs - i.e. online welding supply company. "Carmen Electrode"

***Help decision makers manage risk. Have them write down what they believe are worse-case scenarios and then build in plans to address these concerns. Also often has staff create internal blogs for purpose of example; so they can understand how it works and what can come of it.

***Who's your market? What do they want? Know them well enough to know what questions you should ask them. When they give feedback they will feel more committed to you.

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