Friday, July 28, 2006

BlogHer Session 1 Break Out - How to conceptualize a community blog

Facilitators notes:

Questions to ask yourself in conceputualizing:
* How will I recruit people to blog on the site?
- Pay people?
- Get one or two role models to get things started?
- Consistent

In any community you have to know "What's the purpose?"
- for individual?
- for community?
Both are equally important.

Examples of "purpose" -
- connect to other people with similar
- get things off your chest (how do you make it 'safe' for people contributing content without negative consequence?)

Some people have their individual needs met by a message board, but it doesn't necessarily foster community...Is this true or a false assumption? In general, they are topic or conversation based. In contrast community blogging generally more

"What is the pattern and the need of the community?"

* What are the expectations of the user? Do they want comments or do they simply want to put out their ideas.

Always talk to the community that we expect to participate in the web. Do this over time because it often changes over time.

* What is our (hosting person or org) committment to the community? Is the community aware of what it is?

* How do you listen to the community in different ways to know what direction to take it?
- Ask questions and people will respond!
- In food blogging community they started "get your blog burning". They asked people to submit recipes for specific theme.

Idea: do monthly skype talk
Idea: just do it. start blogging and regularly ask others to be involved

Communities will grow as people get to one another personally or topically.

Writing style - vary your writing style; some are more inviting than others. Session this afternoon on 10 writing styles. "Vary your voice."

Editing - when should it happen? why? In a strong community, the community will often self-edit.

Idea: a day in the life. Mommy bloggers often do this. i.e. 7:00am woke up, 8:00am make kids breakfast, etc.

Idea: integrate images because it often will open up tone, direction.
Idea: shared tagging,

* What is the invitation and why is it important to the community?


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